Über uns...

Already in the fourth generation, we are allowed to continue our wonderful family business.


 WE - that's us 5!

Harald and Daniela Graf with

the 3 adorable girls

Hannah, Sarah and Miriam.


Harald grew up in a traditional multi-generational business and is responsible for the restaurant management, kitchen and also for all technical matters. Daniela - originally


from the computer industry - brings a bit of Waldviertel vigor to the table and is primarily responsible for organizational matters as well as looking after and pampering the hotel guests. And our 3 girls are already there with fun and games and also integrate themselves into our "tavern life".


Harald's great-grandfather laid the foundation for all of this with the small "Einkehrwirtshaus Pass". At that time the focus was still on agriculture, but over the course of time the business has changed due to economic conditions and the strengths of the respective generation. Through the marriage of Harald's grandma Berta and grandpa Walter Graf the inn was renamed "Gasthaus Graf" and further expanded.


For a long time, the classic tavern business, the first big weddings and of course the legendary discotheque of Willi and Maria Graf were the main features of the inn. Through many ideas, extensions and conversion work, Willi and Maria laid the foundation of today's Retzerlandhof. And now our current focus as the Retzerlandhof is in the restaurant and hotel business, events and catering of all kinds.


A big thank you goes to our parents and in-laws on both sides, who are always at our side with advice and action and who stand behind us full of energy! Together we want to look positively into the future and lay another foundation for the next generation.

We look forward to welcoming you 

and to be able to offer you carefree and culinary hours!